Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Drop box busy

Sorry that some are having trouble downloading from drop box, it gets that way when there is too much traffic.  If you can't download from 4shared, just wait and try again later for the drop box download.  I'm not sure how long they suspend the account.  Maybe if you have a drop box account yourself, it may allow you to save to your drop box, I really don't know.    (I checked & you still can't download from dropbox)  I do intend to leave up all the links until my box gets too full to hold more, so don't worry about missing out.  Thanks for all the nice comments some of you have been leaving for me, glad you enjoy the scraps!
I noticed there are a couple of comments that say they don't see the links to download.  The links are in the posts with the previews at the bottom of the posts.